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"4th Chambers of Hell"

Welcome to my “4th Chambers of Hell” where The entrance reads “Abandon All Hope.”

Led inside by CO Barnes whisperin “Welcome to The Inferno” where the souls of a man meets his maker, the Grim Reaper.”

Inside my head all I hear are the old-heads whispering “Manup.”

Down here there is no equalization of black and white, you just another nigga!

Stepping into my chamber Surrounded by concrete-damp walls causing a cold feeling of hurt inside and out

blinded by an ill-lit room filled with the sounds of wounded soldiers crying and suffering from drinking the perilous poison, yak.

What’s keeping a nigga warm is the visible venom preying on the weak, ripping and butchering at the flesh

Lost without a playbook or a script. A prisoner of his demonizes watching and listening from his peripheral, real-life shit but reality.

shield by the only language a nigga know that is , “Raw” and uncut.

Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia…I'm a sire,

I come from the..slum, and the isle I'm from

Is coming through with nuff niggas, and nuff guns

So if you wanna come sweating, stressing contesting

You'll catch a sharp sword to the midsection

I'm mad vexed, it's what the projects made me

Rebel to the grain there's no way to barricade me.

Speaking of the devil psych, no it's the God, get the shit right

Here I go, deep type flow

‘Jonah’ never got this low

Swallowed by the beast to find me not so much punished for my sins, but reduced to

in my past, present, and future!

To be continued...


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