The needs or problems that Delgracia Corp works to address are the social-economic and parenting challenges that young parents encounter aging out of foster care.  Currently, NYC ACS (Administration for Children's Services) does not provide to young parents 24/7 access to a supportive network to assist with immediate challenges (e.g. domestic violence, child care services).  The communities in which services are provided are saturated with social services providers, but available, Tuesday through Saturday. Yet, when services are sought the young parents are wait-listed, found ineligible or discharge at the onset of admission.   To counter the lack of access to services Delgracia Corp’s Family-based Case Management program provides 24/7 of direct contact and brief intervention to stabilize and secure family well-being and safety. Whereas, the Community Maintenance program preserves young families by connecting families to responsible adults that nurtures and co-parent at preventing child welfare involvement. For instance, At the onset of admission young families are connected and assigned to a mentor, life coach, case manager and peer to support parenting, household management, and navigation and use of social welfare services.  Our services are measured against community based preventives services outcomes to ensure linkage of services and reduction in the number of foster care placements. Administration collects quantitative and qualitative performance data, weekly, demonstrating the number of services rendered (e.g. Community base Referrals, crisis intervention(s), and face-to-face visits between staff and/or community partners, which is used to manage risks, to make effective decisions and answer questions, assess and evaluate outcomes, and trends.  

 DelgraciaCorp is a 501c(3)

PO Box 110 286 Cambria Heights, NY, 11411 | 917-224-2823 | delgracia2017@gmail.com 

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