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DelgraciaCorp addresses the socio-economic and parenting challenges that young parents with a child(ren) encounter when transitioning to independent living. Many of our young families transition from foster care, homeless services, or prison with limited access to community-based supportive services.


Unfortunately, young parents return to social welfare systems that use 

"subliminal tactics to keep black and brown individuals and families in psychological chains for generations." For instance, when seeking emergency services, the young parents are wait-listed, found ineligible, or discharged at the onset of admission, robbing the young adult of their identity and freedom.


To counter social welfare subliminal tactics, DelgraciaCorp uses supraliminal tactics by accessing readily available services to empower and strengthen self-worth.


DelgraciaCorp Family-Based Care Management services provide young adults with children six months of: 

  • Preventive case management.

  • Brief Mental and behavioral health

  • Peer-to-Peer counseling.

  • Family therapeutic recreational activities 


The Community Maintenance program preserves young families by connecting young adults to a life coach who connects the family to community resources (e.g., child care, medical, and mental and behavioral health care)and serves as a support system. In addition, young adults are matched with a peer to support parenting, household management, navigation, and use of social welfare services. 


DegraciaCorp measures its program services against ACS's number of young adults and children emancipated from family and child welfare in the community. The organization assesses household-level economic and social conditions (e.g.income, education, employment, community safety, and social support).  


DelgraciaCorp's supraliminal impact in preserving young adults with children is the number that successfully achieved self-family sufficiency. The storytelling and community-based partnerships break down barriers, regenerating socio-economic opportunities and resources, freeing young adults from dependency on social welfare systems, intergenerational trauma, and poverty.

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