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DelgraciaCorp addresses the social-economic and parenting challenges that young parents with child(ren) encounter when aging out of foster care. 


Young parents leaving foster care do not receive emergency assistance from child welfare. Instead, they are given referrals to community-based organizations (e.g., social welfare assistance (aka welfare) and emergency shelter). Unfortunately, when seeking emergency services, the young parents are wait-listed, found ineligible, or discharged at the onset of admission. 


DelgraciaCorp counters the lack of access to emergency services by providing 24/7 direct contact and brief intervention to ensure the young family's safety and well-being. The organization's Family-based Case Management program offers:

  • Preventive case management.

  • Mental health.

  • Peer-counseling.

  • Family recreational services. 


The Community Maintenance program preserves young families by connecting young adults to a life coach who connects the family to community resources (e.g., child care, medical, and mental and behavioral health care)and serves as a support system. 


At the onset of admission, young families are connected and assigned to a life-coach case manager. They peer to support parenting, household management, and navigation, and use of social welfare services. 


DegraciaCorp program measures its services against ACS number of foster care child placement vs. reunification. For example, program services assess trends, individuals' and families' needs, and systems' policies that prevent access to socioeconomic opportunities (e.g., housing, education, employment). The collected data helps the community use and manage socioeconomic opportunities to empower and safeguard individuals' and families' social-emotional needs.

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