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katherine cherry founder & EXECUTIVE director

      In June 2015, Katherine Cherry created Delgracia Corporation, a nonprofit designed to serve Young Mothers who age out of the foster system. However, her life’s purpose stems from her experience as a Young Mother (YM) who aged out of foster care with her infant son and younger sister.  Her resiliency and self-determination to break the chains of intergenerational trauma and system-dependency has enabled her to use education as a platform at reaching her personal and professional goals. Ms. Cherry not only holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW), but a Masters in Public Administration (MPA). She also holds a Bachelor of Administration (BA). Her combined education strengthens her analytical and critical skills at navigating through systems using policies and resources to reach the agency’s goals. 


Ms. Cherry’s passion is serving children and women affected by intergenerational trauma of domestic violence, child welfare involvement, justice system involvement, and substance abuse. 

Ms. Cherry (LMSW) is licensed to practice psychotherapy and supervise mental health practitioners at providing therapeutic services to individuals and families living and coping with trauma in New York State.

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