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Our staff are qualified health professionals (e.g. LMSW, CASAC, LMHC) including case managers  (BSW, clergy) that provides brief crisis intervention and complex care in the environment to prevent family seperation and/or child welfare involvement or removal. 


Staff and families partner with community base organizations (i.e. Care Coordination, Care Management, DOH Respite Care Services) to safeguard individual and family's well-being and safety.  

Lil Flowers


Little Flowers Girls Initiative is to empower young girls. To become self advocates, our goal is to ensure that every girl is informed, engaged, and inspired to have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue education, career, and life  options of their choice. 

Young Father Initiative 


The Young Fathers Initiative  is peer- led that was created to develop young fathers parenting, social-emotional and self-sufficiency skills. The program provides personal and family support, psycho-education including care management, and short-term mental and behavioral health services.  

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