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I was born in Jamaica, W.I. I moved to the United States at the age of 10. The best day of my life was when I first held my daughter after she was born. I fell in love with her tiny hands and feet. Being a mother is a life-changing experience.

Being a mother is having sleepless nights. Making you feel joyful at the same time. It is a very precious experience. Also, an eye-opening part of me that I did not know that existed. Life is completely different when you have to adapt and figure out things. Nobody is perfect when it comes to motherhood. It is wonderful waking up to your child and hearing their voice. A mother's love for her child is different from the love for herself.

Being a mother and raising my daughter in the shelter system was devastated. I did everything to get out of the shelter system. I did not like moving from shelter to shelter. It was difficult for my daughter with sufficient space for her to move around and fiddle. Months past by when I was counting down the days to move out. The happiest day was when I moved into my apartment. Now my daughter can explore each room.

As a mother adapting to change is good when you have a strong support system by my side.

Motherhood thought me a lot about strength and patience. As a mother, I had learned so many things about myself. Being a mother brings out my strength I never thought I had. I’ve become stronger than I was before. Also, I learned about patience. Having patience with a toddler is a challenge. Dealing with the tantrums and whining. I’ve always been an impatient person until I had my daughter. I wanted to be a decent role model for her.

In conclusion, motherhood is a blessing, with all the support from my companions. There is nothing in this world I love more than being a mother. My goals are to help young mothers who go through the same thing never give up.

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