I was born in Jamaica, W.I. I moved to the United States at the age of 10. The best day of my life was when I first held my daughter after she was born. I fell in love with her tiny hands and feet. Being a mother is a life-changing experience. Being a mother is having sleepless nights. Making you feel joyful at the same time. It is a very precious experience. Also, an eye-opening part of me that I did not know that existed. Life is completely different when you have to adapt and figure out things. Nobody is perfect when it comes to motherhood. It is wonderful waking up to your child and hearing their voice. A mother's love for her child is different from the love for herself. Being a mother

The Ask

The other day while in a telephone conversation about DelgraciaCorp I was asked, “What is your ask?” After giving it a second thought my passion took over and I lost focus at answering question. After hanging up and processing the question and answer I began to make a list of the ask. But, as I reflected on the question, the “ask” was what is the purpose of DelgraciaCorp? It's not about needing “things, but it's purpose because all else will follow, socio-economic opportunities, donations, etc. My answer is the vision of DelgraciaCorp, which is creating an interdependent community that is self-contained, sustainable and its participants share a mutual responsibility at meeting the needs of

The Dairy Of A Young Mother 4

It’s Funny Because As I Write This I’m Going Through Emotions But Guess What It’s Okay Because It Only Makes Me Want To Advocate For Whats Right Even More. Okay Here We Go Down Memory Lane. I Was 18 Turning 19 In A Few Months. I Wake Up For School And My Foster Mom Calls Me In Her Room. I Go To Her Room And Say “Im Getting Ready Auntie” I Called Her Auntie Because She Looked Young And Always Dressed Fly I Mean Designer Head To Toe Plus She Was Sooo Beautiful And I Know If I Said She Was My Mom Nobody Would Believe Me At School Cause She Looked Nothing Like Me LoL. Anyways Back To The Story..... She Says “You Haven’t Asked Me For Pads This Month....” I Say Laughing “ Well Auntie Because I Di

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