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The Dairy Of A Young Mother 4

It’s Funny Because As I Write This I’m Going Through Emotions But Guess What It’s Okay Because It Only Makes Me Want To Advocate For Whats Right Even More. Okay Here We Go Down Memory Lane. I Was 18 Turning 19 In A Few Months. I Wake Up For School And My Foster Mom Calls Me In Her Room. I Go To Her Room And Say “Im Getting Ready Auntie” I Called Her Auntie Because She Looked Young And Always Dressed Fly I Mean Designer Head To Toe Plus She Was Sooo Beautiful And I Know If I Said She Was My Mom Nobody Would Believe Me At School Cause She Looked Nothing Like Me LoL. Anyways Back To The Story..... She Says “You Haven’t Asked Me For Pads This Month....” I Say Laughing “ Well Auntie Because I Didn’t Get My Period Yet.” She Then Says “It’s The Last Day Of Mine And We Always Get It At The Same Time.” Now I’m Confused And Don’t Get The Reason Why She Questioning Me About My Period. Then It Hits Me When You Dont Get Your Period Or Your Late It Could Mean Your Pregnant. After School That Day I Went To The Park With All My Friends To Hang Out Like I Always Did. Only Thing Different I Did That Day Was Go To The Clinic. I Asked For A Pregnancy Test And Boom What Do You Know I’m Pregnant. Few Months Past Im Happy And Excited Because I Was Having A Little Girl I Was So Ready To Dress My Lil Princess I Swear Nothing Else Mattered At The Time. A Few More Months Pass And Here Comes My Princess The Best Gift God Has Ever Given Me At That Moment..... Then Boom A Train Hits Me... A Acs Worker Walks In The Room... Now I’m Confused Because In My Head I’m Thinking Maybe This Is My New Case Worker. They Always Changed On Me And Left When I Repeatedly Told Them I Hate New People And Having To Explain My Story Over And Over Again. Guess What Though This Lady Had The Nerve To Tell Me I Now Have A Open Neglect Case With Social Services. I Said “WHAT.!” She Says “Because Being That I Am A Youth In Foster Care I Automatically Get A Acs Case” Oh My Oh My Why Did She Tell Me That I Was Furious.! It Didn’t Make Any Sense To Me. I Just Gave Birth Less Then 5 Hours Ago And This Is Already Happening To Me They’re Already Trying To Say I’m A At Risk Parent.? Before I Even Take Her Home.? Before I Even Get Use To Her.? What Type Of Nonsense Is This.! How In The World Can I Neglect A Child That Has Not Even Seen Nobody Other Then Me.? Shoot I Have Not Even Put Her Down Yet.! How Can I Have A Neglect Case When My Child Has Not Even Been In This World For 24 Hours.! How In The World Can I Have A Neglect Case When I Would Protect,Cherish, Care, And Provide For My Child With Every Breath In Me.! Moral Of This Story Is I Feel Like The System Automatically Set Me Up For Failure Because They Didn’t Even Give Me A Chance To Parent My Child Before Giving Me A Acs Case. They Didn’t Even Give Me A Chance To Be Happy And Enjoy The Human Being I Just Brought In This World. It Was So Many Other Ways They Could Have Went About This.! They Could’ve Set Up Parenting Classes, Preventive Services.... SOMETHING. Mind You I Had No Idea These Things Existed Or Was Available Because Once Again I Was New At Parenting And Being Somebody Mother. From That Day Forward Things Went Downhill But Thats Another Story For Another Day. I Just Wanted To Write This Because I Feel Like Once Your In The System Your Whole Life Is In They Hands And Your Exposed To Everything That Comes With It And You Have To Make Sure Every Decision You Make Your Ready For The Train That Might Hit You.! Remember Though The Right Way Is The Best Way Nothing Ever Works Fighting Fire With Fire.!

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