The Diary of a Young Mother 3

Dear Diary, Today, another boring day eating ice cream and watching “L” run wild in this small apartment. All-day long and everyday case managers call asking me the same questions, “are you all alright?” What they are looking for me to say, no. We can’t go out and no one checks on us. Her father is in and out of state, and his other baby moms keep him to herself. Now, what are we supposed to do, sit here and do nothing? I gotta get outta here, but how?

It's A Movie!

“Everything...moving like in a slow-motion film. Shit that stank, stank more. Anything sweet seemed even sweeter” (Sister Soulja, p. 19). The slow-motion is the individual lived-experiences directed by instinctual behavior. But, who would've envisioned that life is a movie and you are the star! Scene 1 your stage of development, which is the plot we call birth. Ok, the preview is exciting and the audience (your family) wants more. Scene 2, childhoods it's adventurous and all that is being learned with family and friends is at home, the playground, and kindergarten. Scene 3, adolescence, O, Boy, it's getting better! My emotions, hormones and what they call the “ID” is out of control. O

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