“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how (Frankl, 2006).” As I reflect on 2019 challenges and achievements thus far, my why is reflected in my interrelationships with community participants at recycling socio-economic resources that generates innovation, prosperity and sustainability. My fears, self-doubt and worrisome are my why! The creation of DelgraciaCorp came with many barriers, but the self-doubt beat the odds as a product of foster care and slow beginner. The poet Riike wrote “Wie viel ist aufzueideiden!” (How much suffering there is to get through!) My “odds” are the sufferings I’ve been through that has defined my purpose and meaning in life! My lived-experie

The Diaries of Being a Young Mother

I Had To Learn Being In The System Is Challenging But It Can Also Strengthen You. It Was Easy For Me To Blame Everybody For What I Was Going Through. I Blamed My Mom, The Foster Care Agencies And Even The World. I Use To Think I Wasn’t Strong Enough To Speak Up For What I Wanted. I Dealt With Everyone Thinking They Knew What Was Best For Me And Believing I Wasn’t Aware Of The Decisions They Was Making. It Got To A Point Where Even Though I Didn’t Say Anything At The Moment Things Was Being Decided. I Would Always Question Myself Immediately After. I Use To Always Ask Myself Why Did You Sit There And Be Silent?, Why Are You So Scared?, Shouldn’t What You Want Be Spoken About? Isn’t This Your

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 DelgraciaCorp is a 501c(3)

PO Box 110 286 Cambria Heights, NY, 11411 | 917-224-2823 | delgracia2017@gmail.com 

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