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“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how (Frankl, 2006).” As I reflect on 2019 challenges and achievements thus far, my why is reflected in my interrelationships with community participants at recycling socio-economic resources that generates innovation, prosperity and sustainability.

My fears, self-doubt and worrisome are my why!

The creation of DelgraciaCorp came with many barriers, but the self-doubt beat the odds as a product of foster care and slow beginner. The poet Riike wrote “Wie viel ist aufzueideiden!” (How much suffering there is to get through!) My “odds” are the sufferings I’ve been through that has defined my purpose and meaning in life! My lived-experiences of poverty, homelessness, hunger, and violence is real and concrete. Yet, it is my innate belief in humanity that has given me the will and purpose in life.

2019 jump-start 2020 by aggressively increasing its visibility through its fundraising campaigns that increased socio-economic resources, linkages and partnership to new community-based organizations (Nest program,CareDesign), increase in funding to support our Family-based Care Management program and increase in the number of interns/volunteers.

Second, effective use of DelgraciaCorp’s 3-year strategic plan (which is a work in progress) has given the board, leadership and management direction and guidance towards the organization’s mission and goals. The community is better equipped to answer and ask important questions using outcome data that either strengthen or affects the organization.

Lastly, it is the vision of DelgraciaCorp at building an interdependent community using intrinsic cultural values that is interconnected, humanistic and sustainable.

The 3 values are organizational competencies that are developed and simply A.R.T:

Accountability, commitment at accepting responsibility for safeguarding and meeting the needs of one’s actions and that of the community.

Resiliency, opportunities and challenges are learning experiences that teach and develop character

Transparency, acknowledging and accepting individual/family/community differences that promotes cultural diversity and working relationships through interactions and services.

So, my why is DelgraciaCorp

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