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Memories of What Was and Dreams of What Are

Memories create dreams that are foreseeable and energetic. The energy is the reality of something that is better than what was yesterday, memories.

It is not an accident as to how the world turns from tragic to a miracle and then, again.

The COVID19 is not a coincidence, but a subliminal message that no one is exempt regardless of one’s ethnicity, race, gender, and/or religion of the virus. Vulnerable populations understand what it is to thrive through uncertainty and make it through.

The dreams of vulnerable populations are being connected and accepted by ”locked” communities. For instance, the social injustice against young adults with child(ren) aging out of foster care at participating in community economies is not only oppressive but increases the risks of hunger, homelessness, violence, poor health, and mental and behavioral health. Their citizenship from system dependency to independent living is a badge of inequality that bars them from socio-economic opportunities (e.g. education, employment, housing) affecting their socio-emotional needs. However, it is the trauma’s energy drawn from individual insight and self-determination at breaking through locked communities using intrinsic values, self-determination, assertiveness, and passion driving dreams into reality.

The COVID19 is not by chance, but the key to unlocking communities at making a way for young adults with child(ren) dreams into reality, unlocking entry into communities. So, we, young parents with child(ren) aging out of foster care hold-fast to the dreams because the opportunity is now!

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