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“The Call for Action Continues”

The plight of young adults aging out of foster care with their children continues apologetically for the sins of society. The disconnection of the young families from community involvement and lack of access to needed services not only oppresses, but causes families to be extinct, invisible. As a result, young parents and their children are victimized by child welfare, homelessness, violence and drug abuse/use. Yet, society overlooks abuse with ongoing excuses by band-aiding and burying population underneath system policies.

Government think tanks and social media identifies the ills of foster care with minimum solutions. NYS/C welfare campaign for improved education, housing, employment, etc. bringing about awareness, but ignores the social injustice against young parents aging out of foster care with their children. The invisibilizing and dehumanizing of population not only affects human functioning, but communities and society. Poor economic functioning dehumanizes and creates barriers and separation in high need communities.

The plight of young families aging out of foster care is not about just living, but surviving of the fittest. The Social injustices and oppression against families ate not words communicated, but watched through the individual lived-experiences. The ongoing experiences of institutional racism and discrimination is not the cause of their plight, but it is their social identity badge, young parents with children aging out of foster care.

Although, the community’s plight is long-lived it is those of us who must continually be the voices of reason in such a revolutionize society. To our champions who raises the consciousness to those granted with power and privilege, is a plight that can only be delivered through perseverance and purpose with the core belief in human worth and dignity!

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

— Angela Davis, activist, academic

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