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Invincible vs. Resilience

Marginalized young parents (YPs) are invincible and resilient. Society do not see the two attributes as a badge of honor and substance, but abnormal and a threat to order. Yet, The Webster dictionary defines invincible "too powerful to be defeated or overcome;" and resilience "(an animal or person) able to withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions." So, what is it about this community of young parents and children that makes the subculture invincible and resilient?

It is not rocket science or educational training to understand that families write histor, which dictates and conditions family functioning and behavior. The values and beliefs are passed from generation to another causing everlasting affect and definition. A person’s name is instinctively an assumption to the reader of a person and/or family makeup and bio. Marginalized YPs are taught throughout their formal years that it is their name sake that drives and dictates what resources and services their family and community will receive from public municipalities (i.e. education, health care, employment).

Public municipalities stigmatizing and discriminating against young families thriving under unbearable and challenging circumstances (i.e homelessness, violence, alcohol and drug use/abuse, justice-involved families ) with minimum resources demonstrate repeatedly of their ability to “overcome..withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions.”

Yet, it is the ‘band-aid” method called diagnoses used by “health professionals” affecting and threatening YFs. The community base mental and behavioral services (i.e. short-term therapeutic interventions and care coordination) and respite services (out-of-home placement of foster care) do not only re-traumatize YFs, but it is the intergenerational/transgenerational trauma “... the transference of emotional, physical, or social pain from one person to their descendants.”

So, what is it about this community of young parents and children that makes the subculture invincible and resilient? The answer and story reads “She stood frozen in the winter weather alone, crying, pregnant and parenting her younger sister, unemployed, and homeless. The thought of her own mother who aged out of foster care with 2 children, and later the 2 placed in foster care equivalent to the same barriers alone, homeless, and unemployed that her mother endured. Yet, it is the intergenerational motives of social-emotional and physical scares that strengthen her resilience (substance) and self-determination to triumph at overcoming generation of trauma.

Marginalized YPs are a subculture in a class welfare of its own. Not given an equal playing field struggling to survive and thrive in a system of inequality and oppression. However, it is "our" dire circumstances and lived experiences that fosters/shapes character and strength creating "Phenomenal Women/Men."

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