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The power to trust and the power to love


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 To preserve young families using socio-economic opportunities to empower and safe-guard individuals' and families' social-emotional needs.   

Measure of Our Success


of Donations assist young families to transition to Independent Living 


 of our families are linked to community-based resources to safeguard their social-emotional needs.    


Community-based organization's are working in partnership with 

 DelgraciaCorp to sustain and stabilize our families and its program services.

The Diaries of Being a Young Mother


"I Had To Learn Being In The System Is Challenging But It Can Also Strengthen You."

Invincible vs. Resilience


Chronicles of a Young Father 


Marginalized young parents (YPs) are invincible and resilient.

"I'm back to writing with the hope of earning ”points” to get me out of this cage."


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Woman HerStory celebrates and honors all woman in all their accomplishments and contributions to society. DelgraciaCorp Young Mothers Friday Night Group honored DelgraciaCorp Chairwoman,Dr. Adriane Hill, MA, MDIV, MSW, DMIN.


Friday March 26, during the meeting we lifted the names of Claudette Colvin, who at the age of 15, 9 months before Rosa Parks, Claudette was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a White woman on a crowded bus; Fanny Lou Hamer was a community organizer, voting and women’s rights activist who went up against White males at the 1964 Democratic National Convention, and became a pioneer for voting rights for Black people in Mississippi; Joan Baez, legendary folk signer, was an anti-war and civil rights activist; and Lacretia Mott, a Quaker abolitionists who fought against slavery, boycotted goods made by slaves and was a spokesperson for women’s rights.


Yet, it was Dr.Hill's personal testimony uplifted and empowered all of "the women in the community. Her ability to share her personal and professional lived-experiences as a woman of color is much to be commendable and acknowledged.


We uplift and celebrate all women voices and accomplishments!

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